Go Guatemala – You Won’t be Disappointed

Guatemala has an appealing mix of landscapes and cultures, attracting visitors of all kinds. The northern lowlands are home to a lush tropical rainforest, where the most amazing Mayan archaeological sites are found, including the famous Tikal. The pine forested highlands are home to traditional Mayan communities that still cling to their indigenous roots.

As far as its major city goes, Guatemala City is the political heart and capital city of the country. However, it is not as attractive as Antigua Guatemala, which is the former capital of the country. Antigua Guatemala is one of the most popular places to visit, with its old colonial buildings being surrounded by awesome volcanoes that are perfect for hiking and climbing.

The Caribbean and Pacific coastlines offer a variety of marine exploration activities, including fishing, swimming and boating. Guatemala is also home to exquisite inland lakes, natural parks protecting unspoiled stretches of rainforest, waterfalls, and underground caves. Guatemala’s diverse terrain makes it one of the most incredible places to explore.