Can Dogs See In The Dark?

Have you ever saw your dog barking at something in the darkness that you cannot see? Do you remember seeing your dog chasing something in the dark and you cannot make it out? Or maybe the question should be, can dogs see in the dark?

Pets are funny creatures. They can be able to see things that are unnoticeable to our naked eyes more especially in the dark. Most probably you have several times seen your dog stare into the darkness and then bark but when you carefully watch in the same direction, you cannot see a thing. You sometimes look at your dog and think, “he is gone crazy” and push aside the idea. But surprise, dogs does see things in darkness.

What Do Dogs See?

Do you remember that night your dog was barking in the yard at night? You woke up, peeped through the window and didn’t see a thing, and you went back to bed, remember? Now you are laughing.

It is a fact that animals are capable of seeing energies in the dark. The powers that dogs can see in the dark are not visible to human eyes that are why you always fail to see what your dog sees. The animals have very high tuned sense of sight that able to pick, see and distinguish an energy in the dark.

Some dogs are more sensitive than others hence some are capable of picking let’s say dark energy that is coming from a person in the street, and when your dog sees this, he reacts by barking to alert you of what you cannot see. Next time, do not ignore when your dog warns you of what you cannot see in the dark.

Dog’s Vision Better Than Humans

Dogs are capable of distinguishing images more precisely than humans. In addition to great vision, they have a keen sense of smell too. In a dark place, dogs rely mostly on a motion to determine if what they smell is there.

When you are walking your dog at night, it can see something small and out of your field of vision, and it can notice it quicker than you can. That is why your dog can chase an insect in the dark with ease and catch it while you cannot even see it.

But, what is it that make them see in such little light while you can’t? The reason behind the better sight of the dark is that the central part of the retina of the dog’s eye is full of rod cells that can distinguish images is grey in the dark. But, the human retina is full of cone cells. The rod cells can make out images in the dark much quickly than can cone cells hence the dog can see in the dark. Get detailed information on

In conclusion, therefore, since the dog has both eyes on the front of his face, this enables him to use both eyes simultaneously to see. But though dogs can see at night, there is some distance that it cannot clearly see the objects. Any objects more than 20 feet away, the dog cannot see it.

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