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Can Dogs See In The Dark?

Have you ever saw your dog barking at something in the darkness that you cannot see? Do you remember seeing your dog chasing something in the dark and you cannot make it out? Or maybe the question should be, can dogs see in the dark?

Pets are funny creatures. They can be able to see things that are unnoticeable to our naked eyes more especially in the dark. Most probably you have several times seen your dog stare into the darkness and then bark but when you carefully watch in the same direction, you cannot see a thing. You sometimes look at your dog and think, “he is gone crazy” and push aside the idea. But surprise, dogs does see things in darkness.

Can Dogs See In The Dark


What Do Dogs See?

Do you remember that night your dog was barking in the yard at night? You woke up, peeped through the window and didn’t see a thing, and you went back to bed, remember? Now you are laughing.

It is a fact that animals are capable of seeing energies in the dark. The powers that dogs can see in the dark are not visible to human eyes that are why you always fail to see what your dog sees. The animals have very high tuned sense of sight that able to pick, see and distinguish an energy in the dark.

Some dogs are more sensitive than others hence some are capable of picking let’s say dark energy that is coming from a person in the street, and when your dog sees this, he reacts by barking to alert you of what you cannot see. Next time, do not ignore when your dog warns you of what you cannot see in the dark.

Dog’s Vision Better Than Humans

Dogs are capable of distinguishing images more precisely than humans. In addition to great vision, they have a keen sense of smell too. In a dark place, dogs rely mostly on a motion to determine if what they smell is there.

When you are walking your dog at night, it can see something small and out of your field of vision, and it can notice it quicker than you can. That is why your dog can chase an insect in the dark with ease and catch it while you cannot even see it.

But, what is it that make them see in such little light while you can’t? The reason behind the better sight of the dark is that the central part of the retina of the dog’s eye is full of rod cells that can distinguish images is grey in the dark. But, the human retina is full of cone cells. The rod cells can make out images in the dark much quickly than can cone cells hence the dog can see in the dark. Get detailed information on

In conclusion, therefore, since the dog has both eyes on the front of his face, this enables him to use both eyes simultaneously to see. But though dogs can see at night, there is some distance that it cannot clearly see the objects. Any objects more than 20 feet away, the dog cannot see it.

Go Guatemala – You Won’t be Disappointed

Guatemala has an appealing mix of landscapes and cultures, attracting visitors of all kinds. The northern lowlands are home to a lush tropical rainforest, where the most amazing Mayan archaeological sites are found, including the famous Tikal. The pine forested highlands are home to traditional Mayan communities that still cling to their indigenous roots.

As far as its major city goes, Guatemala City is the political heart and capital city of the country. However, it is not as attractive as Antigua Guatemala, which is the former capital of the country. Antigua Guatemala is one of the most popular places to visit, with its old colonial buildings being surrounded by awesome volcanoes that are perfect for hiking and climbing.

The Caribbean and Pacific coastlines offer a variety of marine exploration activities, including fishing, swimming and boating. Guatemala is also home to exquisite inland lakes, natural parks protecting unspoiled stretches of rainforest, waterfalls, and underground caves. Guatemala’s diverse terrain makes it one of the most incredible places to explore.

Piping Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

You might be surprised to learn this, but some of the best chocolate in the world comes from Guatemala, a fact that makes this Gringo love the country even more. Known for its production of chocolate is the city of Mixco. The chocolate made here is commonly used for as drinking chocolate, or hot chocolate, a tradition in Guatemala.

To make the chocolate, first the seeds are taken from the pod and set to dry in the sun on a piece of linen cloth or zinc laminate. Next they are placed in a clay oven where they are toasted until golden. After they cool they are ground up, traditionally with a mortar and passel.

From there are you do is prepare it how you like! The act of extracting chocolate from cocoa pods is a fundamental part of the culture in Mixco; believe me when I say it is a form of art! Make sure you try a cup of the good stuff while visiting Guatemala. And if you have the chance, go check out a local chocolate factory; there you can see the whole process, right down to the setting of the chocolate bars for the melting. Some tours even come complete with a complementary cup… yumm.

Dirt Bike Heaven

Explore Guatemala, extreme style. CA Tours, based out of Antigua, is a professional Motorcycle company that offers guided tours on dirt bikes through the Guatemalan interior. They feature a wide variety of tours; ones for intermediate bikers last just a few days, while more advanced riders can tackle the 8 day tours. For those with a limited amount of time and a specific agenda, custom tours can be designed.

Dirt Bike

The guys at CA Tours are a couple of English blokes who are genuinely interested in helping you have the best dirt bike excursion possible. They provide you with protective clothing, including a helmet, and bikes that are safe and of high quality. Off road and on, these guys know how to show you a good time. Look ‘em up at 6, Calle Oreiente #14, Central Antigua, or check ‘em out on the web at Make sure you tell ‘em the Gringo said hi.

The Most Dangerous of Parasites

When visiting any foreign you have to take precautions against parasites, and traveling to Guatemala is no different. However there are some parasites that no amount of medication can guard against; the human variety. They can be found at all the popular tourist attractions, speak English, as well as German, Italian and French, and are quite friendly. It is important to remember that no matter how harmless they seem their goal is to suck the money right out of your wallet.


These human parasites are easily identifiable; they wear an official looking laminated ID badge around their neck, and are always quick to ask if you need assistance or offer some helpful advice. Make sure you steer clear of these types of guides.

Try Some Guatemalan Home Cookin’!

Nowadays you can get practically any type of dish while visiting Guatemala. There are all different kinds of restaurants serving everything from French baguettes to sushi! There are also a good number of fast food restaurants. While you may be drawn to the familiar, the Guatemala Gringo urges you to widen out and try a few traditional Guatemalan dishes.

Guatemalan Cookin

One national specialty includes Kac lc, a soup that is made from turkey and seasoned with an herb from Alta Verapaz called samat. A more familiar, and yet typical Guatemalan dish is guacamole. Believe me; it tastes different from the guac you get at the Mexican restaurant around the corner. Flan is a typical dessert of Latin America, and Guatemala has spiced it up a bit; their specialty is flan de naranja, or orange-flavored flan.

As far as drinks go, Guatemalans love their coffee, but they don’t drink it like we gringos do. Normally cups are less than half the size of a standard small cup, and oftentimes the coffee is weaker than the Guatemalan brew you buy in the states; the best stuff gets exported. As far as adult beverages go quezalteca is king. This extremely potent raw cane spirit should be drank in small portions.

The Best Hotel on Lake Atitlan

Hotel Chi-yá sits overlooking the majestic Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala. The Hotel boasts 4 private bungalows and 5 rooms available for rent at the best rates you will find in San Juan La Laguna. Double occupancy in a bungalow is just US $12.00 per person per night, while 4 people lower the price to only US $9.00. Rooms run at the same rate.

Lake Atitlan

Hotel Chi-yá has the most incredible of backyards, and encourages its guest to explore it. Free services provided by the hotel include swimming, rock diving, canoeing, table tennis and volleyball. You can also enjoy windsurfing, horseback riding, paragliding, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, and more, all at a reasonable price.

Relaxing in the Jacuzzi adjacent the bungalow is the perfect way to end a rigorous day of hiking and swimming. Construction is high quality, modeled after typical Canadian cabins and the food is excellent and reasonably priced! For more information or to make reservations check out the Hotel Chi-yá website or call 502-5293-2417