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Go Guatemala – You Won’t be Disappointed

Guatemala has an appealing mix of landscapes and cultures, attracting visitors of all kinds. The northern lowlands are home to a lush tropical rainforest, where the most amazing Mayan archaeological sites are found, including the famous Tikal. The pine forested highlands are home to traditional Mayan communities that still cling to their indigenous roots.

As far as its major city goes, Guatemala City is the political heart and capital city of the country. However, it is not as attractive as Antigua Guatemala, which is the former capital of the country. Antigua Guatemala is one of the most popular places to visit, with its old colonial buildings being surrounded by awesome volcanoes that are perfect for hiking and climbing.

The Caribbean and Pacific coastlines offer a variety of marine exploration activities, including fishing, swimming and boating. Guatemala is also home to exquisite inland lakes, natural parks protecting unspoiled stretches of rainforest, waterfalls, and underground caves. Guatemala’s diverse terrain makes it one of the most incredible places to explore.

Dirt Bike Heaven

Explore Guatemala, extreme style. CA Tours, based out of Antigua, is a professional Motorcycle company that offers guided tours on dirt bikes through the Guatemalan interior. They feature a wide variety of tours; ones for intermediate bikers last just a few days, while more advanced riders can tackle the 8 day tours. For those with a limited amount of time and a specific agenda, custom tours can be designed.

Dirt Bike

The guys at CA Tours are a couple of English blokes who are genuinely interested in helping you have the best dirt bike excursion possible. They provide you with protective clothing, including a helmet, and bikes that are safe and of high quality. Off road and on, these guys know how to show you a good time. Look ‘em up at 6, Calle Oreiente #14, Central Antigua, or check ‘em out on the web at Make sure you tell ‘em the Gringo said hi.

Try Some Guatemalan Home Cookin’!

Nowadays you can get practically any type of dish while visiting Guatemala. There are all different kinds of restaurants serving everything from French baguettes to sushi! There are also a good number of fast food restaurants. While you may be drawn to the familiar, the Guatemala Gringo urges you to widen out and try a few traditional Guatemalan dishes.

Guatemalan Cookin

One national specialty includes Kac lc, a soup that is made from turkey and seasoned with an herb from Alta Verapaz called samat. A more familiar, and yet typical Guatemalan dish is guacamole. Believe me; it tastes different from the guac you get at the Mexican restaurant around the corner. Flan is a typical dessert of Latin America, and Guatemala has spiced it up a bit; their specialty is flan de naranja, or orange-flavored flan.

As far as drinks go, Guatemalans love their coffee, but they don’t drink it like we gringos do. Normally cups are less than half the size of a standard small cup, and oftentimes the coffee is weaker than the Guatemalan brew you buy in the states; the best stuff gets exported. As far as adult beverages go quezalteca is king. This extremely potent raw cane spirit should be drank in small portions.

The Best Hotel on Lake Atitlan

Hotel Chi-yá sits overlooking the majestic Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala. The Hotel boasts 4 private bungalows and 5 rooms available for rent at the best rates you will find in San Juan La Laguna. Double occupancy in a bungalow is just US $12.00 per person per night, while 4 people lower the price to only US $9.00. Rooms run at the same rate.

Lake Atitlan

Hotel Chi-yá has the most incredible of backyards, and encourages its guest to explore it. Free services provided by the hotel include swimming, rock diving, canoeing, table tennis and volleyball. You can also enjoy windsurfing, horseback riding, paragliding, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, and more, all at a reasonable price.

Relaxing in the Jacuzzi adjacent the bungalow is the perfect way to end a rigorous day of hiking and swimming. Construction is high quality, modeled after typical Canadian cabins and the food is excellent and reasonably priced! For more information or to make reservations check out the Hotel Chi-yá website or call 502-5293-2417